Throwback holidays in Samana

May 31, 2016

Had so many requests for sharing some of my moments in Samana that I obviously counldn’t say no :) The MG Tavel Diary series can also be followed on my YT Channel.
I’ll leave here some tips for what you can find, do, expect if you are thinking of doing a trip to the Peninsula of Samana. We stayed at Bahia Principe El Portillo for a week.

Lisbon-Samana: There are no direct flights to Samana except between May and September. I had to fly over to Madrid and then to Santo Domingo ( 9 hour flight!).
The drawback of my trip was definitely the journey from Santo Domingo to Samana. It was kind of scary due to the bad conditions of the roads and it took us 2hours and 30minuts to get to the Resort!
The resort  is luxurious, spacious, plenty of vegetation, a nice pool that I didn’t try ( who cares about a pool when there’s a beautiful beach in front of you?!), Jacuzzis, Spas, 5 restaurants, plenty of game facilities such as the “matraquilhos” ehehe BUT above all the most beautiful beach with turquoise water I have ever been to. And believe me I have already been to quite a few in the Caribbean, Africa, Miami and Mexican Golf.
The Beach   stretches to both sides where you can safely walk for kilometers, no other buildings or hotels, nothing to disturb your Relaxing Zen Moments J The water is about 23/24 degrees and the weather is around 27 to 30º
The Secenery  is perfect for photo shooting, filming or just listen to the sound of the waves or read a book. If you are into excitement, buying stuff or other things, this is not the right place for you!
Excurssions there are several excursions that you can book at the Hotel. The waterfall, other beaches but we decided to visit the little island of Cayo Levantado. It is about 1hour drive to the place where you cash a boat to the Island. It was nice but nothing to repeat.
 Overall, amazing palm tree beach, beautiful green luscious surroundings, spacious accommodation, friendly people/staff, good variety of food and the perfect place if you want just relaxation and zone-out for a bit!
TIP: Choose a direct flight to Samana!
Hope this was a helpful diary if you are thinking of visiting Samana.


  1. Mas que linda! Adorei seguir te nesta viagem e agora estas fotos são um dream come true :)
    #maridivandoemsamana <3<3<3

  2. Alô Mari! Mandaste e eu vim (Instagram: anainesoliveira) e a escolha é e não é difícil porque eu gosto de todos mas sem dúvida que adoro o de cintura subida com padrão de folhas (diria eu). Fiquei in love com essa tua viagem, com os teus bikinis e com o teu corpinho danone eheh Um grande beijinho :)

  3. Não sei qual deles o mais lindo! E as fotos no Spa estão um sonho!
    #mariamaislindadapraia #mariaemsamana

  4. Que paraíso! As fotografias estão super giras e os biquínis são lindos!!

    Beijinho, lookingfor-more

  5. Adorei, esse sitio é lindo!

  6. Mariana tu tens roupas lindas! Adorei os biquínis que usaste, são muito bonitos! E sem dúvida que esse lugar deve ser fantástico, perfeito para relaxar e passar uns ótimos dias!

    Um grande beijinho,

  7. República Dominicana já era "cool", contigo lá ainda ficou mais!!
    adoro querida,e adoro-te a ti!!
    mil beijocas desta tua seguidora fiel!

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