The French Riviera Guide

April 17, 2018 Costa Azul, França

Another month another trip

Le Don Juan - Antibes

Monte Carlo Casino

Boat Bus - Monaco

Russian Cathedral
This time we flew to the French Riviera to spend 3 days. Our flight to Nice took about 2h15 m from Lisbon and as we arrived at Terminal 2 we took a shuttle to terminal 1 to catch the Uber. We rented an Airbnb apartment in Antibes which is just 20 minutes drive from Nice. I think it was really the right option as Antibes is a quiet and beautiful little village that is near everything.
From Antibes you can take the train to visit all the little towns and villages and that was what we did.
·       Buy the tickets on the machine (train station) it is easy and you can pay with card or cash. You have to validate the ticket prior, in the station.
·       Car parking is a problem and private parking is very expensive. We hired a car in our last day because we were traveling to Italy.
First day: We spent one day visiting Monaco and I think that was enough :) From the Monaco harbor we took a boat bus to the other side to go up to the Cathedral de Monaco and Palais du Prince, where you will find great stunning views. Don't miss the Monte Carlo Casino, Jardin Japonais, Café de Paris, Mona Harbor! In Monaco everything is very very expensive, so be prepared!
           ·   Wear comfortable shoes because you really need to walk a lot!
Second Day: From Antibes to Nice it took us 20 minutes by train, easiest and cheapest way to travel! From the train station walk all the way to Les Promenade des Anglais and enjoy the view to the Mediterranean Sea. You can drink and grab something on one of the typical restaurants on the beach or just on the other side of the street. Don't miss  the Castle Hill, Nice old town, Russian Cathedral, Matisse Museum, Notre -Dame de Nice. Above all enjoy the French Riviera sun and breathtaking views!
       ·  Just outside the train station get a map at the information desk, it will help a lot. Driving is a chaos so, again my tip is to walk!
Other places we suggest you to visit:
Hope you enjoyed these photos and stay tuned for the next posts ! Love, M. x


  1. You photos are so beautiful1 really impressed with your work!

  2. Boas dicas, obrigada por partilhares os teus momentos quer no Instagram, quer nos vlogs porque são muito úteis!

    1. Obrigada, Alice! Infelizmente os vlogs não vão sair "tão cedo" até estar a situação do YT resolvida :(
      um beijo