6 Tips to Visit Cinque Terre

May 14, 2018 Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore SP, Itália

On the second day we caught the train to Monterosso al Mare which has the most extense beach of them all.
From there we went to Vernaza which is a beautiful small sea port and is typical for its wine Vernaccia!
For our lunch we decided to move on to Manarola and walked up to the restaurant which has the most beautiful view to the village. The restaurant's name is Nessum Dorma and they do not accept credit cards, just cash. Look at these yummy bruschetta and red orange juice, aren't they delicious! This is undoubtedly my favorite villa! 
 I was wearing a Zara dress, NB shoes and my all time fave straw bag from Pepyth.
After lunch we caught the train to our last village, Riomaggiore the smallest of them all.
After 3 days traveling through the French Riviera (check blog post here) we hired a car and drove to the Italian Riviera.
Our first stop was in Stª Margherita a very beautiful small village in the Mediterranean Cost, lovely for its arquitecture and colors. From here we walked to Rapallo for a quick lunch. 
If you want to visit Cinque Terre my suggestion is to stay in a village or town near it. We stayed in La Spezia in a familiar Hotel. They have their own shuttle bus to the train station so you don't need to worry about taking your car.

  • Stay in a near town/village and start your journy early in the morning;
  • Buy the Cinque Terre train ticket;
  • If the weather is fine I really suggest going by boat to Monterroso al Mare and coming back by train; 
  • Do not go with a car;
  • Wear comfortable shoes;
  • Be prepared to walk a lot.
Love, Mariana 


  1. Adoro as fotos e gostei tanto de ver os teus vlogs, que saudades do canal! Continua com o teu bom trabalho Mari <3

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  3. Aiiiii amava conhecer esses lugares!! Fotos maravilhosas

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