Styling My Office Walls

November 20, 2018 Lisboa, Portugal

I remember when I was a kid I loved playing with dolls and creating their own space, aka their own houses. As a teen I started decorating my bedroom (my space) with posters, pictures, plenty of pillows, scented candles and rugs. Since then I was always trying to convince my mom to change things in our house. I was the one responsible for Xmas decorations in our family eheh.

Zebra "Camouflage Poster" | Lion "Lion From Side"
"Travel the World"
"Ockra Door" | "Vintage Car in Rome"
"World Map"
"Line Art Eyes"
Later on, when I started this digital journey I felt that one of my biggest qualities is being a super creative person and this is linked to the fact that I’m constantly changing things to feel inspired. 
This year I have done an office makeover, so now I have a room where I can work from home.

This is the place where I answer my emails, where I write blog posts, where I create projects, where I do interior photoshoots… & one of the things that I like to change once in a while are the pictures on the walls. It’s so simple and for one of a sudden you are in a totally different environment. 
That’s what I did this week with Sofia's help! I wanted warm tones and a rustic-kind-of-vibe. A map of the world felt essential for my collection. 

I’m sure you have already heard about the art of the gallery wall. Desenio, an online Scandinavian wall art company has made this more accessible. 
To be completely honest with you, this is the only wall art brand I shop from. It’s super easy to shop on their website: they have the perfect pairings, they’ve themes organized in categories (fashion, nature, quotes, vintage…) so it makes the easiest experience to create a gallery wall. They also sell the frames (mine are from there as well). 

And to save you some more money, you can get exclusive access to Desenio’s Black Weekend offer! Use my VIP-code MARIANAGEMELGO and you get both early access and a better offer- an incredible 40% off posters! The code is valid between the 20th-22th November (not including handpicked posters or frames)

If you were searching for the best place to order your new badass prints, now you have it ;) Btw, what do you think about my decor?  Feel free to tag me in your Desenio gallery walls on Instagram because I would LOVEEEE to see what you create! Xx, M.

This post was created in collaboration with Desenio.

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  1. Adoro a decoração do teu quarto! É mesmo bonito!!! Os espelhos são de onde? O mais pequeno é tao fofo ��