Mauritius: Things Not To Miss!

January 29, 2019 Maurícia

Ahhhh Mauritius...!

After a 17 hour flight from Lisbon to Mauritius we finally made it to what I call Paradise.
I will leave all the information that I find important for you to know while visiting Mauritius.

Let me tell you a bit about our last minute New Years holidays: we had several option to fly from LX to MAU but as New Years can be quite "jammed" we bought our tickets with Turkish Airlines (it was the first time flying with them). Lisbon – Instanbul - Mauritius = 17h; Mauritius – Instanbul – Lisbon = 23hours! ( yes back home was madness). 
Prices are always changing and Christmas / New Years is the High Season. Try to avoid to get better prices.
We booked everything online by ourselves.
You also have British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air Mauritius…depending from where you are coming try to make your search on Skyscanner for the best deals.

Arriving at the airport we had a taxi already waiting for us. We booked it online and it was really the best option. From the Airport to Flic en Flac it took us about 1 hour. Make sure to exchange some money at the airport you will need it: Taxis are paid by cash! Mauritius Roupies.
As we liked our driver/ chauffer we decided to travel with him. First we thought of hiring a car but then it was much more expensive and with our friend Rajesh we also had a tour guide showing us the places we wanted to go and making suggestions. (In case you need here is his whatsapp: +23052561833).

We stayed at Sands Suits Spa andResort which is part of the MaradivaVillas Resort. We also had breakfast and dinner included (really recommend having half board) otherwise it will be very expensive and also you don’t get restaurants around the corner. Our Hotel, Staff, Concierge, Managers and boat drivers were 5 star! All rooms are suits, facing Indian Ocean with a balcony were you can relax and see the sunsets. Our room was 301, spacious and spotless. You will wake up everyday with the birds singing at your door and balcony around 5.30/6 a.m. Miss these moments so much....
The beach is full of corals so you have to be extra careful! Natural reefs.  We didn’t have those proper shoes nonetheless it was quite alright, we loved sitting in the Indian Ocean (the water is around 24o/25o) looking at the sunset in front of us, picking up shells, walking and running under palm trees… Breathtaking moments!
Our Hotel had many activities for free, so we went snorkeling, kayaking, paddling, and did boat rides to see corals and fish.

Reasons to Visit:
Multicultural country with a great variety of events all year! From religious to cultural events and festivals there are always something to discover, learn and be amazed by in Mauritius. The melting pot of cultures and traditions makes Mauritius an example of harmony and this you feel from the first moment you arrive. Mauritians are kind and warm.

Don’t miss: Casela Park; Chamarel (Waterfall); Jardin Boutanique; 7 Waterfalls; Le Morne (white sandy beaches); Gorge de la Riviere Noire; Grand Basin (Hindu temples); Deep-sea fishing and dolphin watching; Gran Baie (blue safari).

Volcanic island of 2,000 km2, situated in the Indian Ocean, 900m from Madagascar. Sandy white beaches, clear waters, palm trees and mountains.
Capital- Port Louis
Status- Independent Republic
Official language – English
Vaccination – not required
Visa – no visa required
Currency – Mauritian Roupie
Climate: average temperature 24o Summer from October to April / Winter May to September.