3 Days in Malta – What to visit?

May 20, 2019 Malta

We stayed 3 full days, 4 nights in Malta at Corinthia Palace and we couldn’t be more pleased to share our trip with you. Hope this article will help you plan your next visit to this beautiful island. 

It was mids April when we flew from Lisbon to Malta. The flight takes about 2h30 to 3h. Arriving at Luqa airport we had a transfer waiting to take us to our Hotel. We paid 20€ for a distance of around 12km. Everyone told us to use Uber or public transports. On the first 2 days we used public transports and also Uber because we wanted to explore La Valletta, the 3 cities (you do this by boat €2,40) and Mdina. On our 3rd day we rented a car to explore the north of the island, Poppeye Village (one of my favorite places- we didn't enter to the actual village, but the view was amazing!) and the coast where you find the Red Tower, then St Paul’s Bay, St Julian’s and Silema.

My Recommendations:

  • In front of our Hotel there is a beautiful garden which is worth a visit – San Anton Garden - free entrance. 


  • April was quite windy and chilly specially at night. 

  • In the Mdina - the silent City - you find small typical restaurants, beautiful narrow streets, churches, I recommend spending at least 2 hours here.

  • Eating in Malta is not cheap but you find a great variety of restaurants so it won’t be a problem.

Other usefull information:

This country in the Mediterranean sea is composed by 3 islands Malta, Gozo and Comino. We only visited Malta which means that we sure need to go back J
 Malta is located in the south of Europe, 93 km from Sicilia and 288km from Tunes.


Population460 297 (2017) 

Area: 316 m2

Languages: Maltese and English

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