Long weekend in Brussels (Saturday to Monday)

June 26, 2019 Bruges, BĂ©lgica

Tip 1: At the airport take the train to the nearest station of your Hotel, then either walk, take a metro or call a Uber

Buy the tickets on the machines or online belgiantrain.be but if you go during the weekend you find special rates also if you are under 26 the price is cheaper and it is called Go Pass.

Tip 2: Use Google Trip app to organize your trip.

Grand Place Brussels

Saturday- While in Brussels organized your day on  TripDoc app so you can visit as much as possible we went to Grand Place, Mont des Arts, Comic Book Route, Chocolate Route…

Comic Book Route Brussels

Manneken Pis

Tip 3: Visit Bruges (you need to go to Lizzies Waffles to have yummiest waffle experience you ever had!)

Best Waflles eveeeer!

Sunday - On our 2ndday we took the train at Midi Brussels station to Bruges. My ticket (under 26) was €6,60. From Bruges train Station you can easily walk to the centre. I recommend feeling the atmosphere of this idilic place. If you which you can go on a boat ride for €10. Its canals made it the Venice of Belgium. Don’t miss this amazing place!


I made a fluffy friend in Bruges :)

Bruges canals
Tip 4: Metro tickets within an hour, you can "hop on hop off", each ticket is around €2,80;

Monday-  We took a metro to Heizel station to visit the Atomium, Europe Park and walk in Laeken Park. At the end of the day we went back to the Hotel to pick our bags and go to the airport.

Laeken Park
Tip 5: You can visit Bruges and Ghent on the same day if you go early in the morning. 

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