July 9, 2021 Madeira, Portugal


  • Make sure you rent a car prior to your arrival. You can’t go around Madeira Island without a car. We got ours from @drivingmadeira and everything was great. 
  • We stayed at Hotel the Vine which is in the city center with  a perfect location and incredible views, rooms and staff.
  • Bring comfy clothes and shoes, water and snacks as well as a backpack you will need them for the hikes.
  • Get information about Covid19 security measures as they are always changing.

Day one

  • Our first adventure was Levada Nova, around the area of Ponta do Sol. It took us about 2 hours to get there ( 14,5 km, total 4hours ), you have to go through a tunnel and then you see this beauty in front of you! ( make sure you have a flashlight)
  • From there we went to the iconic Cascata dos Anjos, take your bathing suit if the weather is fine! 
  • Rabaçal was our 3rd stop of the day. Levada do Alecrim with amazing views and only 3 km walk (2hours in total). Take comfy warm clothes and shoes and enjoy this beautiful Cascade.

Second day

  • Morning trip with @rotadoscetaceosmadeira, a 2,5 hours adventure to see dolphins and whales. I really recommend this trip and if are lucky with the weather you are able to swim with them.
  • Serra do Fanal- it’s a small volcanic crater where you can have a great  dose of therapy. Breath, listen, observe and absorb everything around you! We took the rest of the day to gain some energy, relax and enjoy this impressive park.

Third Day

  • Ribeira da janela! What an adventure! It seemed I was in the Game of Thrones when going up the stairs and suddenly looking at those massive volcanic rocks in the middle of the sea!
  • Seixal. Black sand beach that is surrounded by green forests. Some call it the European Hawai I call it paradise on Earth.
  • Well deserved dinner for the typical “espetada em pau de louro” for 13€ each at Stº Antonio restaurant. 

Fourth Day

  • Parque das Queimadas, Levada do Caldeirão verde and Santana. This is one of the best and unique places in the world to observe the laurel forest. The ideal place for all lovers of Flora and bird watching.  Enjoy everything around you. I promise you won’t regret visiting.

Fifth Day

  • Balcões, Pico do Arieiro and Cabo Ruivo: You can’t miss these places. The first one as the name says it’s a balcony overlooking stunning green areas and again for bird watching is the ideal place. Pico do Areeiro is the highest point on the island and the best to watch the sunrise or sunset. We did the latter and no words can describe what you see and feel. Bring a jacket, water and comfy shoes. Sit and enjoy the view above the clouds! 

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