Mariana Gemelgo is 26 years old and has a huge heart for adventure, love, dance, music and fashion!
Mariana is absolutely fascinated with creating new things.

How everything started: During Summer 2014 some friends of her were constantly persuading her to start a Blog, because of the inspiring photos on Instagram. Photography rolls in her family and she is not an exception.

She intends to make this blog a different inspiration for all of you! This is why while going around the title she got stuck at "Fashion Inspires You" she does not mean to post only her photos but also to share some of her ideas. In 2019 Mariana changed the name of the Blog to Mariana Gemelgo as she wants to share everything she feels excited about and not just fashion related.

Mariana has a Degree in Organizacional Psychology but she is currently working full time as a content creator.

Let's get started! ♡